Hand-dipped candles made by the Brotherhood

We supply high quality, hand-dipped, votive candles for church use which are made by the monks of the Brotherhood.  The candles are dark honey coloured  and are made by repeatedly dipping the wick into tanks of hot wax, producing a naturally tapered candle.

The candles are made using pure wax and a high quality wick. As a result, the candles burn cleanly, evenly and economically, leaving a minimal residue.

We have recently re-fitted our candle factory with purpose made equipment, allowing us to make candles on a larger scale. Insulated, thermostatically controlled tanks provide us with a safe method of heating the wax to the required temperature and help to produce an evenly contoured candle whilst retaining a hand made feel.

Larger candle baskets allow us to increase the number of candles that are made in one dipping.

After the candles have been dipped by hand, a small crane (pictured) facilitates the lowering of the baskets of candles into a melt-off tank, leaving the finished candle with a smooth base.

The thicker St. Edward's candles are ideal for use in candle-stands, and are the candles we use in the Church at St Edward Brotherhood. St. Hilda's candles are thinner and can be used either as votive candles or for distribution to the congregation at funerals and memorial services.

These candles are 11” long and are priced as follows:

St.Edward’s (base diameter approx. 5/8”)  @ £22  per 100

St. Hilda’s (base diameter approx. 3/8”)    @ £15   per 100

We can also supply candles for Bishop's Dikiri & Trikiri

Base diameter 5/8", length 171/2" @£35.00 per set of 5

Other lengths and thicknesses are available subject to a minimum order of 1000 candles. Please enquire for details.

Orders of over 1000 candles qualify for a quantity discount of 10%

P&P is charged at cost.

To place an order, or for more information about our candles please e-mail us at:


Saint Edward Brotherhood,
Saint Cyprian’s Ave,
GU24 0BL

01483 487763