The Shepherd, December 2006

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Christ is born! Give ye glory!   


“ON ONE OCCASION, while some brothers were performing a small task on a wintry night, one of them, bothered by the night-time cold, returned to his cell, and another murmured against him. So, they sent another brother to call him. This brother found him in discomfort and said to him: ‘The brothers are asking, “How are you?” They say for you not to worry about the work; we are doing it.’ He replied: ‘May the Lord remember your love; I really wanted to labour with you, but my infirmity prevents me.’ When the brother who had been sent returned, he told the other brothers: ‘That brother is weary, and he said to me, “I really wanted to labour with you, but I cannot.”’ Such is the one who takes recourse in lying for the sake of prudence.”  

Ven. Ephraim the Syrian from “The Evergetinos”

 “AN ELDER said: ‘If you hear that someone hates you or insults you, send or give him a small gift, according to your ability, so that you may have the confidence to say, at the hour of Judgment: “Forgive us our debts, Master, as we forgive our debtors.”’”  

From “The Evergetinos”

 “AN ELDER said: ‘He who steals, or lies, or sins in any other way oftentimes, immediately after committing the sin, groans and reproaches himself and comes to repentance; but he who maintains rancour in his soul, whether eating, sleeping, or walking, is consumed like iron by rust; he always has sin for an inseparable companion, his prayer becomes a curse, and his toil is not acceptable, even if he should shed his blood for the sake of Christ.’”  

Again from “The Evergetinos”  

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