The Shepherd, November 2009

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 “WHEN HARMED, insulted or persecuted by someone, do not think of the present but wait for the future, and you will find he has brought you much good, not only in this life but also in the life to come.”


Venerable Mark the Ascetic, early fifth century



“A GOOD GRAPE-PICKER, who eats the ripe grapes, will not start gathering unripe ones.  A charitable and sensible mind takes careful note of whatever virtues it sees in anyone.  But a fool looks for faults and defects.  And of such it is said: ‘They have searched after iniquity, and in searching they are grown weary of searching’ (Ps. 63:&).” 


Venerable John of the Ladder,  + 603 A.D.



“THE DEIFORM SOUL cannot nurse hatred against a man and yet be at peace with God, the Giver of the commandments. ‘For,’ He says, ‘if you do not forgive men their faults, neither will your heavenly Father forgive you your faults’ (cf. Mt. 6:14-15).  If your brother does not wish to live peaceably with you, nevertheless guard yourself against hatred, praying for him sincerely & not abusing him to anybody.”


Venerable Maximus the Confessor, + 662 A.D.

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