The Shepherd, November 2007

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  “JUST AS PARENTS have a great yearning and love for their children, in the same way the mind, by its nature, considers its thoughts important.  And just as those parents who nurture their children with a sick kind of love see their children as more accomplished and more beautiful than others (even if everyone else considers them the most ignorant and the most ridiculous of children), so, too, do fools see their own words, even if everyone else considers the words of a foolish man most ignorant.  Despite this, the fool himself sees his words as the most intelligent of all.  The same does not apply to the words of the wise man, however.  When he seeks to determine if his words are beneficial and true, first of all he does not trust in his own judgement, but appoints other men (wise men) the judges of his words and thoughts, so that he does not chance to work and toil without purpose; and from these judges he is assured of the worth of his words.”


Venerable Maximus the Confessor,  + 622 A.D.


This quotation was brought to the attention of Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna, by Fr David Cownie.  For their edification, the Archbishop has passed it on to his flock with the comment: “It is a very good and convincing statement about the gossip and scandalous contention that pass on the Internet, today, as theological wisdom or matters of ecclesiastical interest or instruction.”

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