The Shepherd, October 2008

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“THE GUILE of the devil, dearly beloved, against those who strive in this contest for the rewards of heaven, especially lies in wait to undo the faith of those whose virtue he cannot overthrow.  For whoever is led away from the true faith, and changed to another, his whole journey is an apostasy, and the further he travels from the Catholic light, the nearer he comes to the darkness of death.”


Saint Leo the Great, Pope of Rome, + 461 A.D.



“ABOVE ALL and in all things [one] must completely fortify his soul with the Orthodox faith, according to the dogmas of the Holy Catholic Church as taught by the divine message-bearers, the Apostles, and by the Holy Fathers.  Great is the reward for those who live in such a manner.  They receive everlasting life and an indestructible abode with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the co-essential Divinity in Three Persons.”


St Theodore the Great Ascetic, Bishop of Edessa, fifth/seventh century



“TRUTH without humility is blind. That is why it becomes contentious: it tries to support itself on something, and finds nothing but rancour.”


Venerable Elias the Presbyter, probably twelfth century



“TRUE FAITH is the keeping and confession of right dogma, that is to say, it consists in true faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God; for knowledge of beliefs is one thing and real faith in Christ is quite another.  The first often makes one haughty, arrogant, fruitless.  Hence, many who possess a right knowledge of dogma live lawless lives; many even preach on faith, and teach and exhort others, but themselves do not advance, as though they were mere signposts on the road.  True faith in Christ is humble, patient, merciful, full of loving-kindness.”


Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk,  + 1783 A.D.



“IF OTHER FAITHS are admixed to our own Faith, Grace will no longer be present with us, and, as the Holy Fathers teach, without Grace we will never attain true morality or a Christian life; we will then be unable to enter into the eternal Heavenly chamber.”


Saint Seraphim of Bulgaria, + 1950 A.D.

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