The Shepherd, October 2004

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“PEOPLE are generally called intelligent through a wrong use of this word. The intelligent are not those who have studied the sayings and writings of the wise men of old, but those whose soul is intelligent, who can judge what is good and what is evil; they avoid what is evil and harms the soul, and intelligently care for and practise what is good and profits the soul, greatly thanking God. It is these alone who should properly be called intelligent.”

Venerable Antony the Great of Egypt, 250 - 350 A.D

“THE CURRENT EVENTS of life are like a market. He who is a good merchant makes a profit; he who is not suffers loss.”

Venerable Mark the Ascetic, fourth and early fifth centuries

“THE FATHERS teach that if prayers are only on the lips, but the spirit is not involved, it is as though prayers is being offered to the air.”

Venerable Neil of Sora, + 1508 A.D.

“LEARN from a little child: when he is attacked by someone in the presence of his parents, he does not return the attack but runs to his parents and bursts into tears. He knows that his parents will protect him. How do you not know that which a little child knows? Your heavenly Father is beside you at all times. Therefore, do not be vengeful. Do not return evil for evil, but look to your Father and cry to Him.”

St Nicolas Velimirovic of Zica, + 1956 A.D

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