The Shepherd, September 2007

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“THOSE TAUGHT by God will be regarded as fools by the disciples of such as are wise in the wisdom of the world.  But in fact it is the worldly-wise that are fools, spouting an inane secular wisdom, the stupidity of which God has demonstrated (cf. I Cor. 1:20) and which Scripture condemns as material, unspiritual, devilish, filled with strife and malice (cf. James 3:15).  Since these people are blind to the Divine light, they cannot see the marvels it contains; they regard as deluded those who dwell in that light and see and teach others about what is within it.  On the contrary, it is they themselves that are deluded, not having tasted the ineffable blessings of God.”


St. Symeon the New Theologian,  + 1032 A.D.



“TRULY GREAT is the insignia and clear is the evidence of the Divine character of Christ, Who established and founded the Church.  Who other than God could have built such a Church, which no enemy would be capable of overpowering, not even the gates of Hades that opened against Her?  Truly, only God’s Divine power was able to build His Church upon an unshakable rock.  The Church of our Saviour Jesus Christ is truly the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth.  Love, joy, and peace reign within her.”


Saint Nectarius of Pentapolis the Wonderworker,  + 1920 A.D.


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