The Shepherd, August 2009

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“MEEKNESS is the buttress of patience, the door, or rather, the mother of love, and the foundation of discernment, for it is said: The Lord will teach the meek His ways.  It prepares us for the forgiveness of sins; it is boldness in prayer; an abode of the Holy Spirit. But to whom shall I look?  Even to him that is meek and quiet.”


Ven. John of the Ladder,  c. 563 A.D.



"THE MEEK are not those who never get angry at all, for such people are unfeeling and apathetic.  Rather, the meek are those who possess the capacity for anger but control it, and become angry only when it is necessary.”


St Theophylact of Ochrid,  eleventh - twelfth century



“MEEKNESS, the foundation of all the Gospel commandments, is just as necessary for salvation as is breathing for human life.”


Ven. Paisius Velichkovsky,  +1794 A.D.



"SEEK God daily.  But seek Him in your heart, not outside it.  And when you find Him, stand with fear and trembling, like the Cherubim and Seraphim, for your heart has become a throne of God.  But in order to find God, become humble as dust before the Lord, for the Lord abhors the proud, whereas He visits those that are humble in heart, wherefore He says: To whom will I look, but to him that is meek and humble in heart.”


St Nectarius of Pentapolis, the Wonderworker,  + 1920 A.D.

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