The Shepherd, August 2007

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“WE WHO have received baptism offer good works, not by way of repayment, but to preserve the purity given to us."

Venerable Mark the Ascetic, fifth century.



“THE MOON as it waxes and wanes illustrates the condition of man: sometimes he does what is right, sometimes he sins, and then through repentance returns to a holy life.  The intellect of one who sins is not destroyed (as some of you think), just as the physical size of the moon does not diminish, but only its light.  Through repentance a man regains his true spendour, just as the moon after the period of waning clothes itself once more in its full light.  If a man believes in Christ, ‘even though he dies, he shall live’ (Jn 11:25); he shall know that ‘I, the Lord, have spoken and will do it’ (Ezek. 17:24).”

St John of Karpathos.



“SINCE salvation comes to you as a free gift, give thanks to God your Saviour.  If you wish to present Him with gifts, gratefully offer from your widowed soul two tiny coins: humility and love, and God will accept these in the treasury of His salvation more gladly than the host of virtues deposited there by others (Mark 12:41-43).  Dead through the passions, pray like Lazarus to be brought to life again, sending to God these two sisters to intercede with Him (Jn 11:20-44), and you will surely attain your goal.”

St Theognostos the Priest


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