The Shepherd, July 2010

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“PERHAPS your fellow-servant [of God] has treated you with contempt?  Yes, but you have treated God with contempt many times!  And what comparison is there between a fellow-servant and the Lord?  As to the former, when he was in some way perchance injured, he insulted you, and you were exasperated.  But you insult the Lord, when you are neither treated with injustice or ill-will by Him, but are receiving blessings from Him day by day.”


Saint John Chrysostom,  + 407 A.D.


“IF YOU are offended by anything, whether intended or unintended, you do not know the way of peace, which through love brings the lovers of Divine knowledge to the knowledge of God.”


Ven. Maximus the Confessor,  + 662 A.D.


“HERE (Matt. 15:12-14) we learn that it is not to our detriment to give offense to those who willingly take offence and are incorrigible.”


Blessed Theophylact of Ochrid,  + c. 1108 A.D.

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