The Shepherd, June 2006

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“NOR WILL THE MAN, who could have been merciful and was not, receive mercy from God; nor will he, even through prayer, win anything from the Divine compassion, who has hardened his heart to the prayer of the poor.”

Holy Hieromartyr Cyprian of Carthage, +258 A.D.

“SO GREATLY is God pleased with our benevolence to all men, that He bestows His mercy only on the merciful.”

St Hilary of Poitiers, + 367 A.D.

“YOU GIVE bread: He gives salvation. You give a cup of something to a thirsty man: He gives you the cup of His own wisdom. Are they to be compared: what you give and what you receive? See how treasure is to be gained. If anyone wishes to be a moneylender, we do not altogether forbid him. But let the money be lent to Him Who, being rich, returns more and better things, and to Whom also everything belongs that you give Him.”

Blessed Augustine of Hippo, + 430 A.D.

“MERCY wishes thee to be merciful. Justice wishes thee to be just, so that the creator may be made visible in thee His creature, that the image of God may shine resplendent in the mirror of thy humn heart, engraved in lines of imitation. secure is the faith of those who do good works : thy desires shall be fulfiled, and the things thou lovest shalt thou enjoy without end.”

Saint Leo the Great, Pope of Rome, + 461 A.D.

“A KINDNESS done promptly is a kindness done twice. A favour done in a sour spirit, and because you must, is unlovely and without grace.”

Saint Gregory the Great, Pope of Rome, + 604 A.D.

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