The Shepherd, May 2009

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“DO NOT CAST off brotherly love lightly, for there remains no other way of salvation for human beings.  Observe yourself with care, and see if the evil which separated you from your brother has its cause, not in him, but in you, and make haste to be reconciled with him, lest you transgress the commandment of love.  Do not despise the commandment of love, because though it you will become a son of God; whereas, when you transgress it, you will become a son of Gehenna.”


“HE WHO does not endure or bear afflictions, or accept sorrows, or put up with difficulties, assuredly strays far from Divine love and the Providence of God;  for, love makes a man long-suffering and good.  If one is fainthearted in the face of the troubles that befall him, and for this reason bears malice towards those who have grieved him, ceasing to love them and being estranged from them, how will he not fall away from the purpose of Divine Providence?”


Two quotations from the Ven. Maximus the Confessor,

from “The Evergetinos”


“Intelligent men should not listen to all kinds of conversation, but only to those which are profitable and lead to the understanding of God’s will; for His will is the way by which men return once more to life and eternal light.”


Ven. Antony the Great of Egypt from “The Philokalia”

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