The Shepherd, April 2007

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Christ is Risen!! Truly He is Risen!!

We greet all our readers on the joyous festival of Christ’s triumph over the powers of darkness, sin and death, praying that His victory might be shown forth in their lives and fill their hearts and minds with paschal joy.


“THE APOSTLES and their disciples used such great caution in religion that they would not allow anyone to have even the contact of a word with any of those who turned aside from the truth.”

Venerable Bede of Jarrow, + 735 A.D.

“IT IS NOT in might that God is, but in right.”

St Alexander Nevsky, + 1263 A.D.

“AVOID communing with those with whom you should not commune and commemorating those who should not be commemorated”

Saint Mark of Ephesus, + 1447 A.D.

“ALTHOUGH the name of Christian will be heard everywhere, and everywhere there will be churches and church services, all this will be only an appearance, while within there will be true apostasy.”

Saint Theophan the Recluse, + 1894 A.D.

“CHURCH DISCIPLINE is capable of preserving its efficacy only as long as it is an actual reflection of the hierarchal conscience of the Catholic Church; and discipline can never itself replace this conscience.”

New Hieromartyr Cyril of Kazan, + 1937? A.D. (First Locum Tenens of Patriarch St Tikhon of Moscow)

“ALL THAT IS HAPPENING today on the highest levels of religion, government and public life … is nothing other than an intense work of preparation by the servants of the coming Antichrist for his future kingdom.”

Ever-Memorable Archbishop Averky of Jordanville, + 1976 A.D.    

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