The Shepherd, March 2007

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“He who does not choose to suffer for the sake of Truth, will be chastened more painfully by suffering he has not chosen.”

St Mark the Ascetic, fifth century.

 “BEFORE THE END of life on earth there will be confusion, wars, civil strife, famine and earthquakes. Men will suffer from fear; they will expire from the expectation of calamities. There will be no life, no joy of life, but a tormenting state of falling away from life. There will be a falling away not only from life, but from faith as well: when the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth? (Luke 18:8). Men will become proud and ungrateful, denying the Divine Law: together with a falling away from life there will also be a dearth of moral life. There will be an exhaustion of good, and a growth of evil.…… There will be a mass falling away from the Faith; even many bishops will betray the Faith, justifying themselves by pointing to the splendid position of the Church. A search for compromise will be the characteristic disposition of men. Straightforwardness of confession will vanish. Men will cleverly justify their fall, and an enduring evil will support such a general disposition. Men will grow accustomed to apostasy from the truth and to the sweetness of compromise and sin.”

Saint John of Shanghai the Wonderworker, 1896-1966 A.D. 

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