The Saint Edward Brotherhood was established at Brookwood in 1982 to prepare and care for the Church in which the sacred relics of Saint Edward the Martyr were to be enshrined. A small monastic community, which we hope will increase, chants the services of the Church daily at the Shrine, and their numbers are augmented on Sundays and feastdays by a number of Orthodox believers who form a mission parish. The monastery is located on St. Cyprian's Avenue, Brookwood, Surrey GU24 0BL, England.

Since the schism of the Roman Church in the eleventh century there has been no indigenous Orthodox Church in this country, and so those English people who have turned to Orthodoxy have, of necessity joined one of the Churches from Eastern Europe which have established parishes here: the Greek, Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian Orthodox Churches. Our community is under the Synod of Bishops of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece, presided over by His Beatitude Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens, and under the immediate archpastoral care of His Grace, Bishop Ambrose of Methoni, himself a British-born convert to Holy Orthodoxy.
In receiving and enshrining the sacred relics of Saint Edward the Martyr, we bear witness to the fact that for many centuries the light of Orthodoxy shone in these isles, and we look back with gratitude and filial piety not only to the spiritual heritage of the Orthodox peoples of the East, whose witness has kindled a love of Orthodoxy in our hearts again, but also to the spiritual athletes of our own land, who shone forth in piety in the first ten centuries of the Christian era.


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